I grew up Catholic, but i've finally put that past me. That's not to say i've not looked up at the sky and wondered about what's "out there"; i just don't think religion has the answers. Or is the answer, for that matter. One man's sin is another man's virtue, after all, but i don't want to hear them singing about it. As far as explaining things, physics does an adequate job, although i'm also a big math fan. Astrology, though, is kind of a mixed bag. Still, i realize that reality is not always what we perceive, and i await the future with my sense of honor intact and my death with serenity.

Life is a process of finding a place in which to fit in for a while, and move on if the time is right. It can be considered a game of chance, but it is not a simulacrum in any sense of the word. Most people do not realize the gravity of their situation. If you fall, please don't come crying about it to me. Of course, if you know how to fly, then never mind me.

Love can be a real pain in the ass when you're not ready for it, or worse, when the other person isn't ready for it. Things change, fortunately, after a while, and eventually, love happens at the right time with the right person.

I am a difficult person to categorize, rife with pithy sayings, running hot and cold with different emotions, hopes and fears. Interestingly enough, i like being happy, and i like making people happy, too. Sometimes, happiness can be simple things like a hat, or even a paper hat.

I've stopped playing the guitar. I don't really write songs, but sometimes i'll give it a try. Sometimes being creative can be a chore. You get all fired up, but in the end nothing but crap comes out. It's hard sometimes, with so much happening around me, to keep track of what's going on. And it's not like i drink all that much anymore, anyway.

There are too many pompous asses, dumb shits, kooks, kookettes, lunatics, blowhards, plain old losers, and people like Carasso on Usenet. I much prefer collaborating with the good people out there. Nevertheless, people i love and respect will sometimes piss me off. People i don't love or respect will sometimes REALLY piss me off.

I've had brief bursts of anger and angst and pain throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. Usually when i have to get up in the morning. Especially after i'd been out all night drinking and i ended up having a bad hair day and an upset stomach. To correct that problem, i stopped going out all night drinking and i cut my hair. I feel much better now, except during the holiday season; it's overblown, stressful, a money consumer, and a time waster.