alt.religion.kibology, Kibology, Kibo, and you

There is no simple or easy way to describe Kibology. I can only hope that these files i've saved are to you what the Dead Sea Scrolls are to the Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka. [Kibo's Page!]

& a.r.k-declaration-of-independence - Jeremy "OS/2ibo" Reimer secedes, and is sorely missed, in his own petulant, whiny way.

& a.r.k-FAQ-1991 - 1991's FAQ

& a.r.k-FAQ-1992 - 1992's FAQ

& a.r.k-FAQ-1993 - 1993's FAQ

& a.r.k-IAQ - 1994's FAQ-- HAH! Just funnin' ya!

& a.r.k.suburban - Kibo tells people to fuck off and die, in his own unimitable way.

& cyberpoetic-manifesto - Matt McIrvin shows his sensitive side to net.newcomers.

& element-5150 - Archimedes (né Ludwig) Plutonium waxes physical about the existence of an ultrasuperduperheavy element.

& enigma - Iain Sinclair indulges in ASCIIlicious art.

& folgers - Bill "Duke" Newcomb writes a new page in the Armchair Anarchist's cookbook.

& happynet-manifesto - Kibo and his vision.

& how-2-b-really-mean - E Teflon Piano pretends to teach Lisa Pea something about being mean.

& idiot-world - Kibo dumbs it down even further.

& ils - E Teflon Piano describes the Internet Legal Society.

& index.html - You're soaking in it!

& kibo-is - Xibo, The Krill, and Kibo try to explain the unexplainable, define the undefinable, pote the unpotable.

& kibo.sig - Kibo's most recently posted .sig file. Please note that if he has posted one more recently than this, i didn't see it and therefore DOES NOT COUNT.

& mitnick - Don Hawaiian Shirt, a migrant Kibologist, tells us what really occured between Kevin Mitnick and Tsutomu Shimomura.

& oracle - The Usenet Oracle replies to an unworthy question. Again.

& stereo-koans - Lee Merkel demonstrates that the Tao which is broadcast in mono is not the true Tao.

& studly-os - Jeremy Reimer again demonstrates that NT's market share is no match for a well-written operating system.

& subgenius-vs-kibology - Kibology before alt.religion.kibology.