rone FAQ List v1.4

Q: When are you going to die?

A: According to The Spark's Death Test, my date of death will be June 19, 2048.  Cheer up, it could be worse.

Q: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Matt Dillon?

A: Yeah, i get that often. He's skinnier, has messier hair, a bouncier step, and is a whole lot wealthier. Plus, he's a C wizard and i'm not.

Q: What's happened in your life?

A: I was born in Los Angeles. This was widely regarded as a bad move. I spent eleven years in Ecuador, and after i graduated from high school, i went back to L.A. for college (i even joined a frat, yuck). Again, a bad move. I flunked out after three years and ended up moving to Seattle. I lost my job and ran out of money after six and a half months and ended up moving to Miami. After working for my mom for a year and four months, i ended up moving out to the San Francisco Bay area. That was in July `95. Now, i'm married to the lovely Kimberly Walint and i'm high on life.

Q: So, what do you do for fun?

A: Well, i still read Usenet, especially talk.bizarre and alt.religion.kibology.

[netrek] I used to play netrek, but i had to stop while i was in Miami, and when i came to California and started playing again, i was too far gone. A has-been. I sucked. So i stopped.

I enjoy listening to music a lot; i'm rarely without it.

I love watching and playing soccer. Go San Jose Earthquakes! Go Team USA!

I'm also a fan of the Los Angeles Kings and the Oakland Raiders (my secret shame... even their web site sucks).

I play a little D&D.  I go wine tasting.  I'm quite the sophisticated nerd.

Q: Do you have any political affiliation?

A: The Scorched Earth Party has all the answers. And if you don't like their answers, they have a solution for that, too.

Q: Why are you so cynical and sarcastic?

A: Because i care.

Q: Why are you such an elitist bastard?

A: Because i'm better than you.

Q: Why do you write "i" in lowercase?

A: Why do you write it in uppercase?

Q: What was up with the 5150 thing?

A: Look, don't ask. It's been done, it's over with.

Q: No, really, what was it all about?

A: You do things while you're growing up that start out as something you want to do but end up as being a means to an end. This was one of them.

Q: But what does it mean, dammit??

A: Hey, i really liked Van Halen. And i fancied myself a mentally unbalanced individual, a person not of his own mind. It seemed a natural fit at the time.

Am i building character yet?