talk.bizarre is, above everything else, a community. Here are some of the works of some of its members.

% alt.slack-rmgroup - Mark-Jason Dominus's yearly exercise in Pinkness.

% auto-lloyd - Artificial intelligence at its finest.

% bad-god - The mysterious psmyth indulges in theology.

% beckwith-mr-rone - Andrew Beckwith calls me by a mote i've yet to (want to) shake.

% bedtime-story - HWRNMNBSOL tells fairy tales the way they used to be told in the old days.

% ben-cox - Ben Cox suffers an ad hominem convulsion

% blood - Dawn looks at the power of blood.

% bonehead-tornado - The Bonehead survives the tornado.

% bonehead-turbo - The Bonehead turbocharges an article for no particular reason.

% boutell-misc.test - My ex-roomate Tom Boutell falls for the old "Followup-to: misc.test" joke, much to my chagrin.

% charlie-brown-goes-apeshit - kEvin writes something that might kill Charles Schulz if he were to ever read it (addendum: he must've read it).

% colors - Curtis Yarvin neatly categorizes talk.bizarre. Don't cross him again.

% doc-martens - Sho Kuwamoto disses style.

% eightball - gomi writes about pool in a small town.

% elliott.jesus-christ - Elliott Night has unusual dreams.

% elliott.palm-springs - Elliott Night has VERY unusual dreams.

% elvis-is-coming - Carasso parodies Clarence Thomas IV's massive spam.

% explain-t.b - Larne explores reflexivity.

% face-in-the-sky - BillBill.

% festival-of-jackhammers - BillBill and, presumably, mr. x suffer an invasion of the landlord's minions.

% figurine - Rocco Caputo eats too many Smarties.

% francais - gj embraces the French.

% fuck-you-ed-meadows - Derek Petrey is here to praise Edward Meadows, not to bury him.

% fuck-you-l.h.wood - Richard Sexton disputes Lloyd's Welshness.

% gallega - gj embraces the Spanish.

% garrote - Eamon Daly hates SCO. So do we.

% generation-x - Patrick Finerty has angst.

% genesis - Alan Scott and the Genesis myth.

% germans - Gooley embraces the German.

% gifts - kEvin recommends you avoid vagrants.

% grime - gj and war.

% heart-of-the-flame - Larry Simon tells of the love of one candle flame.

% jehovah - BillBill wishes to be an organization.

% jorge - HWRNMNBSOL thinks reincarnation is a scam.

% juggler - buzzard juggles.

% jukebox-alphabet - Zvi connotes the alphabet.

% kill-a-frog - Dr. Strychnine debunks old knowledge.

% larne-xmas - Larne tells of Santa's end.

% life - Brett "Evolve or Perish" Summers talks about a friend.

% line-of-site - gj puts a newt spin on the Newt Estament.

% maiden-over - gj aligns wickets.

% matt-brown - A Matt Brown quote. Truer words might have been spoken, but they are not relevant here.

% mixed-emotions - kEvin isn't sure how to feel.

% more - buzzard drafts me into his fiction.

% moron - Scott Dorsey tries to explain the perils of Internet commerce to a fool and, predictably, fails.

% muppet-tarot - Zvi creates a new deck.

% net.humor - Jeff Swanson explains what makes things funny

% nixon - AjD mourns the reinvindication of a dead bastard.

% no-sin - gomi is guilt-free.

% panic@ie - panic explains its absence.

% periaktoi - Mike Dalton and a change of scenery.

% pigs - Larry Simon completes a story.

% pizza - kEvin explains pizza warfare.

% popular-culture - AjD rues popular culture.

% - The Imagician constructs a PostScript likeness of mr. x, chairman of world-renowned industry leader X Industries

% question-authority - Alan Scott on why students nowadays suck.

% recycled-paper - gj writes curmudgeonly.

% salvage-t.b - Meredith argues against moderation.

% skinhead-hamlet - Sho digs up a classic. Proper attribution sought; if known, please email me.

% talk.bizarre-history - Michael Brown reminds us where we come from.

% the-apple - Curtis Yarvin on original sin.

% theosophistry - dhalgren and economic bullshitting.

% therapist - Gooley's therapist series.

% tiger-or-lady - kaitem clears a misconception.

% tribalmusic - Sho is very fervent about his music.

% trilobites - cj issues an urgent warning.

% wabash - Don't give cats net access.