random funny stuff

Truly great madness can not be achieved without significant intelligence.

         -- Henrik Tikkanen

Murphy was an optimist.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

        -- George Bernard Shaw

*** dem- has changed the topic on channel #best to girl's butts should wiggle when you smack 'em.
<Wireless> what about boobs?
<dem-> you can be a jiggling boob, if you want.

<Xney> welcome to classless IP
<Arian> Please check your brain at the door
<Arian> Your waiter tonight will be Karl
<fwaaa> monsieur Karl, Ill have the slightly illegal /25 please
<Arian> What kind of whine goes with that?
<rhizome> cold ip cidr
<Yaz-> waiter, i have packetloss in my soup

<Caine> "Its the Muppet show, with guest star: XENU!!!!"
<rone> "How can Gonzo ever get Miss Piggy's affection? Page 283."
<Caine> "How can Animal control his temper? Page 374."
<Caine> "Can the Swedish chef really cook? Page 144."
<rone> "Muppenetics, by L. Jim Henson."

<Schrade> 300 tomahawk missiles in the first wave
<todd> don't those things cost one full starr report each?
<glenny> todd: depends. you get a cut rate if you buy in bulk
<glenny> I think with an order of 50 or more you get the full set of bug's life toys
<Arian> and your own intern
<fwaaa2> just what every little dictator wants
<glenny> McDictator may I take your order?
<Arian> I'd like a puppet government and a side of VX to go?
<glenny> I have a member card
<Arian> Do you want fries with your genocide?
<glenny> Do you want the extra crispy napalm

<dem-> heh, this is cute: "Lucent Technologies later today will officially unveil an optical networking technology that transmits photons of light through the air"
<dem-> I figure it is two guys with a flashlight, flashing at each other.
<PetrDoubt> Wow, photons through air.
<dem-> I'm sure they will announce Photon Torpedos next!
<PetrDoubt> Do not look directly into the air!

<kavonr> And in medical news, doctors this week found a small piece of brain lodged in President Bush's skull.
<lammah> was it successfully removed?

<^Bear> I dislike hearing the term "angelinos"
<muzzy> you'd rather it be "glue-sniffing commies"?

<todd> Political ad on my answering machine... it was for Prop.52. I don't know what that is, but if naked chicks aren't involved, I advise voting against it for that reason alone.
<dpk> maybe it's an initiative to legalize automated phone advertising?

* kavonr listens to William Shatner's "Rocket Man"
<todd> Your secret wiccan concoction requires blood from the ear?

You know, I was all in favor of the Massgasm thing, but this Lovolution thing is beginning to sound like not as much fun. I mean, no massgasms, and all we do is bust up ruling class symbols? Where's the sport in that?
              - Bruce Ediger <bediger@csn.net>

Happiness is free, and love is relatively cheap, but HATE costs more than you have in your wallet.
              - Tjames Madison <tjames@pigdog.org>